About eboat360.com

We are a team of lovers of nautical sports, we were born in 2003 in São Paulo, at the Guarapiranga dam, in the Paulista Riviera, in the Bagatelle. At the time, there were already several classified, but the largest were from sailing schools and brokers, there was no specific to the nautical trade where buyers could find the sellers and a wide variety of offers.

After the launch, in a short time the eboat became well known and quickly was among the most visited of the net. Our goal is to provide for nautical lovers a space for the purchase and sale of nautical products. A free and democratic space, exclusive for nautical purposes.

In 2005 we expanded the Business Guide, and the idea was to make the owner of a boat, or one who wants to buy a boat, easy access to data from companies that provide services in the nautical area, or manufacturers of products, stores and courses.

In 2006 we created the boat technical sheets, or what we now call the "Boat Guide", to help the buyer choose a boat, with basic information about size, weight, etc. and a photo or drawing of the boat. With this tool the buyer can compare some models and serves to assist in decision making.

In 2009 we launched the used boat price list, a system that updates the price based on the announcements published on eboat and other classified. The idea is to help the seller set the fair selling price and the buyer a reference value.

In 2011 we created the table of new boats. A table with the price disclosed in specialized magazines or provided directly by the yard. With this tool the buyer can compare the average price of a used boat in relation to the new boat. It is very useful as a reference. We remember that the values ​​are without equipment and accessories, and many manufacturers offer several options of motorization, which makes the price vary a lot.

All of the tools we develop are designed to help sellers and buyers with valuable and useful information that helps when it comes to selling or buying your boat.

We wish all visitors to the eboat, "good business", after all, that's what we exist for.

Thank you,

eboat team

Definition of eboat name:

Also known as Schnellboot or S-boot. Created in 1932 by the German navy and gained the name eboat by the English army, for being a fast attack boat. It weighed around 100 tons and 32 meters in length, used 3 Mercedes engines from 20 cylinders to Diesel and totaling 3,960 hp. It was 43.8 Knots.

With the end of the war these boats were confiscated by the English Navy and currently there are only 2 boats intact. One in Wilhelmshaven Germany and the other in Southdown England. See the full article on Wikipedia.

Current setting:

It is the boats powered by "electric" propulsion. Currently there are already several European and American manufacturers that are producing boats with electric motors, or Hybrids. Based on the same concept of electric cars, these boats are an excellent solution to the issue of transportation on clean energy platforms. In Brazil this technology is arriving timidly but of course every day we will have more options of electric propulsion. Stay tuned !!!