Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I publish a free Ad?

You can do that simply by clicking on “Advertise for free” and filling out the form. Remember, that are some required fields that need to be filled out. If you have a media you want to upload, such as .mp4/.ogg file, you are also free to do that. That’s all! You will have your free ad ready or you can publish a premium ad in order to increase its exposition and visibility, but this is all on you! Good luck and good sales!

How can I make a good Ad?

Your ad must have a short and objective title, so select the correct category, brand and model. A good description contains the main features and does not have too many details. Start with heavier features and main characteristics, leave unnecessary items out. Do not be redundant. Set a specific price, and if you want to advertise any product without pricing it, be careful! It could harm your sale, since it transmits a message to the buyer that the price can be changed according to the situation and without warnings, so pay closer attention to this detail. Also, place multi-angle photos, especially of the hard features and do not repeat images. On eboat360 you can add other kinds of media, such as a Youtube video. If you upload a video on Youtube, make sure you have it linked to your ad. In this way, you are increasing the visibility of your product. Another option is to make a short video of your product with you mobile phone and upload it to your ad. Buyers love watching videos. Explore all the features offered by eboat360 to help increasing visibility and sales, making sure you get the best out of this experience.

How do I register my product in the right category?

Placing your ad in different categories that do not have 100% of correlation with your product is a big mistake. It may give you the impression of greater visibility, but this is not the case.

The visitor searches for a specific product and he/she selects the category according to his/her expectations. If products that are not related to his/her specificities show up, it automatically gives the visitor a feeling that the website does not have good filtering quality, as it offered irrelevant products. For this reason, the ads are proofreading by the administrator in order to keep the quality of our website with relevant ads. Therefore, be sensible! Place each of your products in its own proper category.

When I advertise, is my free ad canceled?

When you choose the Premium Ad feature, your free ad remains running until your payment is confirmed. As soon as our system receives the payment, your ad is automatically placed on the top of the list, according to its index (remember, the better the index, the better the position). The time of exposure also depends on the selected period of your choice. By the end of this period the ad returns to its initial position as a free ad (ordered by publishing date).

How is the index of a Premium Ad calculated?

It is very simple. The division between investment / selected exposure time calculates the index.

Any doubts left? Please contact us. Good sales!